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Kids Learn and Write French


Learn French, Speak French and Write French! Learn how to read and write in French while practicing handwriting will expanding your child's French vocabulary and alphabet knowledge. Begin your little learners handwriting fun with flashcards to help your child learn that A is for abeille and B is for ballon. Seeing and hearing the letter and image representing each letter will help your child learn their new language. Continue with four practice options that allow you to choose the level of difficulty. Practice tracing and writing French uppercase and lowercase letters, tracing French vocabulary words then work up to writing the words all on their own. Colorful images representing each letter will help your child associate the object with the letters of the alphabet. This educational game provides pronunciation of all image names and letters in French. Intrigue the littlest learner teaching handwriting without paper while practicing the proper way to write each letter and word using Handwriting Without Tears® manuscript . No need for messy pens or unsharpened pencils this educational game provides endless handwriting fun.
Features:This game includes more than 650 French handwriting worksheets with sounds.With 175 basic French vocabulary words kids can study and learn French at their on pace.
Details:Game Title: Kids Learn and Write French by Studios.Grades PreK-5